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Hi, my name is Shelly and I am the creator and founder of Zipporahs Crush. I created this brand because I was tired of viewing myself through the lens of others! Growing up I constantly found myself bringing myself down and dimming my light to fit the expectations and capacity of the people around me, because of that I began to develop symptoms of low self esteem and self doubt which translated into the way I took care of myself.

After saying enough is enough in a toxic relationship and dumping that joker I rededicated my life to Christ and decided to pour the love that the world was rejecting from me into myself and my relationship with God.

One day during a long road trip as I was praying to God I began receiving downloads of various things regarding my business including the name! Zipporah is one of my middle names and it’s biblical which made it 1000x a no brainer, I had to use it!

Crush represents self love and appreciation. In any relationship the best way to audit how you perceive yourself is how you see and treat others. So I believe taking pride in the way you look and treating yourself well (beyond the physical) but even in how you speak to yourself daily in the little things and putting in that extra effort when you can produces the confidence in you internally so that your external relationships will benefit and be fruitful.

And let’s make things clear that’s not just narrowed down to romantic endeavors. That also includes business, family, friendships, fellowship at church, the whole shabanggg— I hope my brand, as it grows, empowers you to take the love you so effortlessly pour into others and redirect it back to yourself and to Christ who is the head of your life.


xoxo Shelly

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Our mission is to Empower, Embrace and Love through the act of self care so that women across the globe will show up as their BEST authentic selves.

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